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PBE : PBE Web-Based Reporting Platform: A Powerful Way To Tell Our Story

PBE Web-Based Reporting Platform: A Powerful Way To Tell Our Story

May 24, 2012 | Posted by Philippine Business for the Environment

PBE Web-Based Reporting Platform: A Powerful Way To Tell Our Story

Using an interactive module, this platform will enable PBE members to present their environmental performance in a visually-appealing manner.

Everyone has their own stories to tell. Yet if everyone talks all at the same time, no one will hear anyone clearly. Could there be a way to tell our stories together? Like how orchestra musicians play different tunes but make a beautiful symphony together?

In the 2011 Council Meeting of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) last October in Munich, Germany, it was abundantly made clear that the era of awareness-creation on sustainable development is over. The focus now is on the implementation of solutions.

Businesses around the world are already on their paths towards sustainable development. Most of them claim to have the technologies and management know how to deliver solutions to many of today’s most difficult problems. Many have actually been able to achieve significant milestones in their journeys.

The challenge now lies on how to consolidate all these efforts and distill best practices to promote replication and to mainstream these solutions. Companies must build on each other’s success and avoid committing the same mistakes.

Such a view was shared by the 500 WBCSD meeting attendees, consisting of senior executives representing the most influential sectors of business and industry from almost all regions of the world. It’s no surprise that their common battle cry is: “We need a better and more powerful way to tell our story.”

PBE, as the Regional Network Part¬ner of the WBCSD in the Philippines, is responding to this challenge. A web-based platform is currently being developed to allow PBE member companies to share their data on their achievements in greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction, energy and materials efficiency, hazardous waste reduction, and social responsibility, among other parameters.

The web-based platform will provide an interactive module for companies to provide their data efficiently and visualize them to enhance their appreciation as well as the appreciation of their target audience.

This will generate what is called Info Graphics (IGs), which are creative visual representations of data to make ordinary people appreciate the message effectively while retaining its scientific accuracy. These IGs can then be shared repeatedly through social networking sites (e.g. Facebook). With one glance, social net-working audiences will be able to immediately grasp the message. With too much information currently flashing in our screens, we need faster, creative ways to communicate our message to social media viewers with very short attention spans. Companies can use the same to communicate their messages and accomplishments to their employees, supply chains and customers.

The PBE web-based platform is also being equipped to consolidate and process these data to show an overall picture of the performance of the business sector in the different areas of sustain-able development.

For example, it may show through visual representation the total and individual GHG emissions of various PBE member companies through the years.

More importantly, it will provide links to the set of many activities and policies implemented by the company that is responsible for such performances. Companies can provide links to their websites for further information to viewers who will take more keen attention.

The platform may also show potential areas for improvement. Fellow PBE member companies can suggest solutions to these problem areas based on their individual experiences.

Through this platform, not only stories of success will be told but also ‘behind-the-scenes’ struggles. It will for the first time show collective performance-based achievement of a business sector in the Philippines on their individual efforts towards sustainable development.

Perhaps, through this, we can create our own symphony and tell our stories together, in a better and powerful way.

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