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July 14, 2012 | Posted by Philippine Business for the Environment


  1. International Labor Organization (ILO) (2011). Greening Business Asia: Enterprise-based Training Modules Development Project. PBE was engaged by the ILO to develop a training package (including modules, training designs, training materials, case studies, etc.) on Green Business and Better Workplace for the Automotive Sector and Supply chain.
  2. On Environmental Education & Trainings (since 2001). PBE runs an annual Corporate Environmental Seminar Series on subjects that help managers and company personnel become updated on current environmental issues, developments and regulations; and to acquire basic environmental management skills and knowledge of EM tools. The series began in 2001 and now has over 1000 seminar graduates.
  3. On Clean Air & Sustainable Transport (2010-present). PBE in partnership with Partnership for Clean Air (PCA), the Clean Air Initiative – Asia, and Honda Philippines conducts Clean Fleet Management Trainings for both government and corporate entities. The project involves training of drivers and fleet managers, adapting the UNEP toolkit for clean fleet management, using practical and non-formal training methods such as actual eco-driving & fuel efficiency challenge cup. To date, the program has trained representatives from 28 government agencies and several private companies.
  4. On Green Procurement (2010). PBE in partnership with The Green Purchasing Network (GPN) – Japan and The International Green Procurement Network, implemented a project in the Philippines called “GREEN BUSINESS with GREEN PROCUREMENT Program,” which involved conduct of ‘Integrated Seminar on Water and Energy Resources and Water/ Energy Efficient Goods and Services’, for the promotion of green products.
  5. On Environmentally Sound Technologies (including Sustainable Construction Technologies). PBE organized the earliest Environment Trade Fairs in the country from 1996 – 1999 and continues to advocate for the adoption of environmental technologies as a cooperating partner of several private sector – led trade fair events. PBE was the private sector partner of the 2009 Eco – Products International Fair held at the SM Exhibition Center in Pasay, in partnership with the Asian Productivity Organization and the Development Academy of the Philippines. For this, PBE has stores a databank of business enterprises that promotes environmentally sound technologies and materials.
  6. On Solid Waste Management. PBE aggressively promotes Cleaner Production, Waste Reduction and Resource Recovery through, among others, the Industry Waste Exchange Program (IWEP), originally established by the DENR Environmental Management Bureau in 1996 and revived by PBE in 1998. IWEP seeks to match industry waste generators with buyers who can reuse industry waste as input to their production process. This helps close the industry loop and keeps useful waste material from the landfills. Other concrete opportunities for direct involvement by the private sector have been through the Makati Paper Exchange Project with the Makati Business Club and Ayala Foundation, and the annual nationwide Earth Day Recyclables Collection Events. PBE also promotes promote resource recovery and recycling through the Annual Earth Day Recyclables Collection Events and regular weekend mall – based Waste Markets in partnership with the Ayala Malls and the SM Supermalls Group.
  7. Policy Advocacies. PBE contributes to policy making initiatives through its participation and / or collaboration in government – initiated committees, technical working groups and advisory bodies, some examples of which are: the Technical Working Group (TWG) for the revised Hazardous Waste Management Act of the House Committee on Ecology, the Technical Committee for the Water Quality Guidelines facilitated by the DENR – EMB and the ISO 26000 CSR Guidelines – Phil. Working group of the DTI.



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