Pacific Paint (Boysen) Phils. Inc.


To be the premier provider of quality and innovative paint products at the most affordable price.


To provide high quality paint solutions that can benefit society while producing them in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.


Pacific Paint (BOYSEN®) Philippines, Inc. (PPBPI) was founded in 1953 as a repacker of paint and lacquer thinners under the trade name Columbus. The company was formed by brothers Mr. Jimmy Ongking and Mr. Vicente Ongsue together with Mr. Ung Han Leong. The company is driven by teamwork, respect for life, commitment to excellence and self-enhancement. In 1958, the company expanded its operations and started paint production with the introduction of NATION® House Paints, an economy grade paint.

In 1960, the company acquired the license to manufacture Boysen Paints in the Philippines from the Walter N. Boysen Company of Oakland, California, USA. This access to new technology gave birth to a comprehensive line of premium grade Boysen decorative coatings for architectural and some industrial applications. Through the foresight and dedication of its founders and all the pioneer employees, Pacific Paint was able to capture the lion’s share of premium quality paint market in the Philippines in the mid 1970’s– outselling all leading U.S. brand paints that also operated production facilities in the country. The most rewarding experience for the company is to find out from The Coatings Agenda Asia-Pacific 2001 that Pacific Paint ranked no. 58 in the world’s top paint makers.

Originally symbolized by the American eagle from its parent brand, Boysen adapted the use of the Philippine eagle (Pithecophaga jefferyi) not only to localize the brand but to also be a source of national pride. Now, after six decades of existence, the Boysen brand continues to be one of the most iconic symbols in the country.  

Boysen has also proven itself as the industry leader in product innovation with its constant development of new products to suit specific market needs, especially in environment friendly paints. Through constant progress and innovation, Pacific Paint keeps elevating the level of confidence bestowed by its customers. In 2000, Pacific Paint commissioned a fully integrated state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Trece Martires, Cavite to add on to its plant in Quezon City. A new manufacturing facility will be soon operational in Dasmarinas, Cavite which will make PPBPI the biggest and most modern paint producer in the country with an optimum capacity of up to 1 million liters of paint a day. This manufacturing prowess places the company at an even better position to service its customers with a reliable supply and consistent product quality of Boysen Paints. To better service its customers, a Technical Service and Project Management Department has been installed to provide assistance to consumers with product inquiries and product specifications, instruction of proper surface preparation and painting techniques.

In 1995, Boysen Paints was awarded the PS Mark Distinction of Quality. Boysen Paints’ quality is recognized and well accepted not only locally but also in other countries, as seen by the steady growth of its exports to China, Guam, and Saipan.

In its more than 50 years of prominence in the Philippine building materials industry, Boysen has earned milestones for delivering high quality paint and innovative products. It is the first Filipino paint company to be given by SPIK (i.e., also known as the Chemical Industries Association of the Philippines) the privilege to use the Responsible Care logo. Boysen also belongs to the Coatings Agenda Top 50 Paint Companies in the World in terms of volume produced.

In its July 2010 Issue, Coatings World ranked Boysen Paints as the 51st largest paint company in the world. Boysen was one of only two paint companies from the ASEAN region and the only Filipino company to make the list. Boysen Paints is also a recipient of the Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brand for ten straight years since 2006, the Platinum status makes it one of only two paint companies in the Asia-Pacific region given the distinction.